Miller's Millinery Supplies

Stock # Description Price
MS1 Millinery Wire, 3 yd. roll $6.50 / roll
MS7 Plumes, (12"-15" long) $5.00 / ea.
MS8 Fabric Swatch Card** $3.00 / ea.

**Specify color: reds, blues, greens, browns or golds

Straw Bonnet Forms

These unfinished bonnets were shaped and wired by hand; the neck edge is bound with fabric on SBF3 and SBF4.
Any form may be purchased with a silk brim facing and a cotton head lining as indicated below.
Any form may be purchased as a fully trimmed bonnet, final cost depending upon chosen trim. Straw bonnets and forms are available in 1 size.

Stock # Description Price
#SBF1 1800-1818 style 70.00 (add $30 for facing & lining)
#SBF2 1818-1835 “Poke” Bonnet style $95.00 (add $40.00 for facing & lining)
(Prices subject to change without notice.)
specify item:  cap, slat bonnet, bonnet, etc...

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