Miller's Millinery Ladies Hats

1700's Fashionable Straw Flat Hat

- Pleated ribbon forms trim around the crown and long ribbon ties. Photo shows optional turned up back with ribbon bow.


- Prices begin at $65.00

Early 20th century hat

- Equally at home in downtown Abbey or downtown Philadelphia, this stunning silk hat is characterized by an oval brim - widest at the sides. Crushed folds of silk encircle the crown which is accented with a large flower.


- $175.00


- Introduced late in 1862 this style became a popular accessory, especially with jacket ensembles. Silk hat is trimmed with ribbons, plumes and/or flowers. Colors: black, browns, grays, greens, scarlet, blues


- $120.00

1790's until 1830's Fashionable Turban

- Fashionable for full dress occasions in the first three decades of the 1800's.  Turbans are light in wieght, made of plain, plaid, or figured silks and cottons draped over a foundation.  Adapted from originals.


- $115.00

Please call for available fabrics.


- Silk covering a buckram frame forms the basic hat which was trimmed with ribbons, flowers and/or plumes in great variety. Crown is 4 high. Ribbons fasten under the chin. Available colors: yellow, blue, green, brown, gold, red


- $120.00


- The High Crown hat demonstrates the trend for a larger hats which continued into the 1820s and 1830s. This is a silk hat over buckram foundation; crown height is 6. Illustrated are two of various methods to trim the hat with ribbons, flowers and plumes. Colors as above.


- $130.00

1840s to 1870s LOW CROWN HAT

- Popular for women and children, this hat is silk over a buckram foundation. It is trimmed with ribbon and a plume or flowers. Tape ties hold it on the head. Pattern contains


- $115.00 (note circumference of head on order form)


- $16.00 (pattern contains 2 sizes)

1850's & 1860's THE GLENGARRY CAP

- Ribbon cockade and streamers trim this informal woman's and young ladies' wool cap, a Civil War era favorite often worn with zouave jackets.  Pattern contains 3 sizes.


- $16.00 (contains all sizes)

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