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Caps are made of linen and/or cotton in a variety of weaves, then stitched by hand and machine. Frills are machine hemmed and trims are applied by hand. Entirely hand stitched caps may be ordered for an additional charge.
Available ribbon colors: blues, greens, red, violet, black, ivory, pink, yellow, gold

#C9 – 1720 to 1770’s – PINNER CAP - $38.00 - Small caps trimmed with a ribbon bow adorned the heads of fashionable women. Choose ribbon color from above list.


#C13 – 1750-1800 – ROUND CAP - $48.00 - A practical cap style with adjustable neck. Front edge adorned with a pleated or gathered frill.

#C14 – 1812 ONE PIECE CAP view A - $58.00            1812 ONE PIECE CAP view B - $55.00 -
Found in fashion plates of 1812, variations of it were also published in 1830’s and the late 1850’s. Cap is made of light weight cottons. Pattern includes both views and a section of hand sewing stitches; machine stitches are indicated where applicable. Drafted from an original cap.

PATTERN #2012-1 - $16.00

#C15 – LINED CAP - $50.00 - Originating in the early 1800’s this drawn style continued to be used thourghoout the century. Pattern was drafted from an original cap which has a cotton flannel lining. Hand and machine stitching is indicated where applicable.

PATTERN #2012-2 - $16.00

#C1A – 1700’s – PLAIN CAP - $38.00
#C1B – 1800 – 1870’s - PLAIN CAP w/ CURTAIN - $45.00
- A serviceable cap, easy to launder and starch; cap has draw string at the neck. This style continued to be worn as a night cap after 1820’s. Pattern was drafted from originals and contains both styles

PATTERN #9305 - $16.00


C12A & B – 1700’s to 1820’s – EXTENDED FRILL CAP
A popular cap whose frill fastens under the chin. The neck adjusts with a draw string. Cap is primarily hand stitched. Portraits of the period indicate that Pennsylvania German and Quaker women favored the flared frill (cap A). The gathered frill (cap B) can be seen in many portraits of New England and Virginia women. Pattern contains both styles.

PATTERN #0503 -$16.00

Click picture to enlarge.#C2 – 1820’s & 1830’s - LADY’S 1830’S CAP - $68.00 - A day cap made to accommodate the fashionable top knot style of hair; neck adjusts with a draw string. Insertion accents the back. Cap is primarily hand stitched. Pattern contains additional frill styles and was drafted from originals.

PATTERN #9603 - $16.00


#C2M – 1820’3 & 30’s MODIFIED CAP- $55.00  - A machine stitched version in a similar style; adapted from a PA original.



Click for larger picture#C3 – 1840’s into 1850’s - LADY’S 1840’S CAP - $60.00 - Fashionable day cap whose adjustment ties form a decorative bow at the back. Cap is machine stitched. Pattern includes hand and machine stitching instructions with optional embroidery designs and frill styles. Drafted from originals.

PATTERN # 0502 - $16.00


Click for larger image

#C4 – 1850’s & 1860’s DAY / EVENING CAP - Fashionable cap with wired front band which adjusts at the neck. Cap is trimmed with lace and ribbons. Pattern contains optional lappets and half-handkerchief (neither are shown on photo). Choose cap, lace and ribbon colors when ordering.

Cap #C4- DAY CAP - $52.00 white cotton batiste; add $10 for lappets
(ribbon colors listed at top of page).
Cap #C4 – EVENING CAP – from $58.00
black or white net; add $10 for lappets.
PATTERN #9002 - $12.00

Click for larger image#C6, C7, C8 – 1840’s through 1860’s – FLAT CAPS - Decorative day or dinner caps – hand stitched: Pattern contains all 3 styles + trim ideas from period caps

#C6 - $50.00 black or white net – Choose cap and ribbon color when ordering.
#C7 - from $65.00
black & white. Choose ribbon color when ordering.
#C8 - $58.00
white cotton batiste – Choose ribbon color when ordering.
PATTERN # 9701 - $16.00

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