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FAVORITE PURSES & RETICULES - Small, draw-string purses became a stylish about 1790 when dresses were too skimpy to hide the bulk of a pocket worn under it.  Even after dresses styles increased in fullness, purses continued to be a popular accessory upon which to display needlework proficiency.  Pattern contains illustrated instructions for 4 purse shapes and trim instructions for braiding, beading, and embroidery.

PATTERN #0102 - $18.00


TRAVELING VEILS - Suitable for wearing with a hat or bonnet, 1850 through 1865.  Pattern includes diagrams and illustrations to create large and small veils of different shapes.

- $12.00

LADY'S POCKET - Ladies of the 18th and early 19th centuries tied a pair of these handy pockets under their skirts, accessible through slits called pocket openings.  Mid 19th century ladies found an extra pocket invaluable while traveling and marketing.  These hidden pockets carry many items but put no strain on our garment seams.  Choose a pocket or pair made from a single print or pieced from a variety of period printed and woven fabrics.  (12" deep).  Single fabrics: red, blue, brown.  Pieced: reds, blues, browns, greens, blacks, or mix 2.

PIECED POCKET #A2 - $24.00 and up

HOUSEWIFE (SEWING KIT) - Keep garments in fit repair was easier for the 18th and 19th century soldiers, shoppers, and travelers if they carried their "housewife" with them.  Adapted from an original, this kit is made from various printed and woven cottons.  It contains needles, thread, pins, patches, and extra ties.  Colors: reds, blues, browns, tans, greens, blacks, or mix 2.

HOUSEWIFE #A3 - $30.00

POCKETS AND HOUSEWIFE PATTERN - Pattern includes illustrated instructions for two pocket shapes to be made from a single fabric or pieced from several as illustrated.  Also included is a pattern for the housewife or sewing kit pictured above.  A lady often carried her housewife in her pocket.

PATTERN #0101 - $18.00

BASIC COLLARS AND CUFFS - A variety of collars and cuffs were tacked to the neck and sleeve edges of a dress.  They prevented contact with the body, adding longer life to the garment.  They were removable and easily laundered, starched and pressed.  Pattern includes pieces for 7 collar and cuff styles, directions for sizing, plus embroidery motifs and instructions for period stitches.

PATTERN #9802 - $18.00

ROSETTE BELTS - Mid 19th century women often changed the appearance of a dress by using different accessories.  These belts, accented with a single rosette, are sturdy enough to support a reticule or chatelaine. 
Colors: black, navy, dark brown.  Belts are 40 in length; can be made smaller.

ROSETTE BELT #A4 - $48.00

1840s, 50s &60s UNDERSLEEVES - Removable, washable white undersleeves protected the dress sleeves form dirt and wear. Printed "polka spots" appeared in the mid-1850s for home wear and traveling. Sleeves are made of 10% light weight cotton and held above the elbow with elastic. Choice of elastic cuff or button cuff styles.
Colors: solid: white, ivory, or black(mourning or winter); spotted: white with red, black, brown or blue dots
Special order: Fabrics woven in stripes, checks or embroidered; shaped cuffs; additional ruffles. Call for quote. In SUPPLIES section:

UNDERSLEEVES #A19 - $42.00/ pair

CROCHETED WOOL VEIL - The veil, an indispensable accessory, kept the dust off faces and discouraged unwanted attention from fellow travelers.  A wool veil added warmth in winter.  This pattern was originally published in 1864 Peterson's Magazine as a veil for infant's wear.  However, its 28" x 13" size does fit an adult.

PATTERN #0002 - $10.00

#A12: mid-1800s CROCHETED SONTAG SHAWL - $65.00 - (call for available colors) An ideal garment for layering as it ties at neck; hand made of 100% wool of 2 colors. Original instructions from 1864. Original Civil War era photo shows a woman wearing the same type of crocheted shawl.  

PATTERN #0003 - $10.00

#2014-1: DOLL BONNET & MANTLE PATTERN- $16.00 - Bonnet and mantle are sized to fit a 20” mid 19th century porcelain doll. Bonnet and mantle have been adapted
from original adult garments, just as was done when the dolls were new.

#A26: mid-1800'sKNIT SCARF- $39.00 (call for available colors) - Knit scarves were just as popular in the 1800s as they are today, adding warmth and color to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Our scarf was hand knit from an 1860 pattern. It features soft, 100% wool yarn knit in 3 colors. Scarf measures 60 from tassel to tassel.

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